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MLB: The Show is a Playstation exclusive baseball sim that is so real, you will have a hard time believing that you aren't watching a game on TV. This community is for anyone and everyone who wants to share and talk about their experience with the highest rated sports game for 9 years watchesgz.gqibers: 32K. MLB: The Show is a Playstation exclusive baseball sim that is so real, So go ahead; share your Road to the Show career, post breaking The Show news, or tell Reddit how you plan on taking the Cubs to the Fall Classic. New to The Show and have question(s)? Tips for a fun franchise mode? (watchesgz.gqShow). MLB The Show Verified account @MLBTheShow We've got a new Roster Update arriving just in time for # PlayersWeekend with not one but TWO players being upgraded to Diamond. Who could they be Account Status: Verified.

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